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Did you know 12% of crime incidents in Nashville, TN are aggravated assaults? Aggravated assault in Nashville, TN increased to 1,241 in May-2022 from 1,160 in Apr-2022 (+7.0%) - #makingcrimevisible #crimeometer #crime #trends #nashville #crimefacts

Did you know aggravated assault in Chicago, IL increased more than 24% in the last month? Aggravated assault in Chicago increased to 1,245 in May-2022 from 1,000 in Apr-2022 (+24.5%) - #makingcrimevisible #crimeometer #crime #trends #chicago #crimefacts

Owning a dog can reduce your risk of dying from all-causes by 24%, according to a study published in the journal Circulation.

Preferred stock is a financial instrument that generally provides a priority claim over common stock regarding dividends and distribution of company assets in the event of liquidation.

Learn more about some features of preferred stock:

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