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Learn how Inpher is accelerating multiparty computation, a compute-intensive crypto technique to help orgs build privacy-preserving #MachineLearning and #FederatedLearning. Our on-demand technical session goes live on Apr 12, 10a PT [S31441] at @NVIDIAGTC

wow, game changer. Founders can now spin up their own SPV to streamline bringing angels onto the cap table.

This is the future.

Amazon invests in Swiss-American Confidential Computing #Tech4Trust @inpher_io. Learn more with this article (in French): via @ictjournal #TrustValleyCH #digitalTrust #cybersecurity cc @EPFL_Park @amazon

We are thrilled to announce today a strategic investment from @amazon's @alexadevs for consumer data protection in AI. This will help Inpher advance privacy-preserving ML in connected devices and IoT services.

Cybersecutity solutions from Switzerland on high demand @netguardians @securosys @inpher_io @Sysmosoft | The Swiss Startup News channel

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