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Crime declining in San Francisco: What's the latest in the trend? - May '21 #makingcrimevisible #crimeometer #crime #trends #sanfrancisco

Join our cofounder and CTO, Dr. Dimitar Jetchev, for a discussion with Pfizer and other experts on AI for Patient Engagement & Clinical Trials hosted by
@Ai4Conferences this Thursday the 6th at 2:30PM EDT. Register at:

Building secure #MachineLearning models with private data on AWS has never been easier. In this blog, we show how to predict coronary heart disease using our XOR SaaS Platform on AWS without ever revealing the sensitive data #dataprivacy

Learn how Inpher is accelerating multiparty computation, a compute-intensive crypto technique to help orgs build privacy-preserving #MachineLearning and #FederatedLearning. Our on-demand technical session goes live on Apr 12, 10a PT [S31441] at @NVIDIAGTC

wow, game changer. Founders can now spin up their own SPV to streamline bringing angels onto the cap table.

This is the future.

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