Collanos offers dispersed teams free, intuitive and transparent collaboration solutions. Team members access their shared work spaces locally on their computers, communicate with their colleagues using existing channels, and Collanos’ peer-to-peer technology keeps members’ work spaces in sync. Furthermore, users are able to create their own objects and templates and share them with others. At the core of Collanos’ technology, and installed on each team member’s computer, is a team environment and transparent knowledge store that define and organize the content of each work space, supporting structured data, such as tasks and notes, and unstructured data, such as files. Work spaces automatically and transparently synchronize amongst team members’ computers when online. Collanos is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux and will soon be available on smart mobile devices. A combined Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Web-based architecture forms the technological foundation and competitive differentiator of the Collanos solution. The company has invested over 15 man-years in the development of a proprietary technology stack, which includes the multi-peer-to-peer client platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux), presence management, optimized synchronization, web-hosted architecture, support for Smart Mobile Clients, support for industry-specific templates, and a proprietary customization tool. The product is developed in Java on top of open-source software components.




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