Lagotek’s mission is to make Home Intelligence Platform (HIP) a standard feature of every new or remodeled home. By definition it includes the automatic or remote control of home heating, air conditioning, lighting, home entertainment (audio, video), security (locks, alarms, cameras and third party security systems) convenience appliances (irrigation, garage doors, intercom, alarm clocks, motorized shades, etc.) and home communications (wireless and wire-line telephony, SMS and multimedia messaging).

Lagotek has developed an inexpensive open software product. Simple and accessible, Lagotek HIP system defeats major barriers that previously have prevented a widespread adoption of home automation solutions in mass market. These barriers include the high costs of purchase and installation and the excessive complexity of existing systems. Today Lagotek offers a reliable home automation system that can be used by all family members with ease. Unlike its predecessors, Lagotek revolutionary wireless solutions are also affordable to middle class homeowners.


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