Mobile Mantra reaches out to the rapidly growing Mobile community by connecting individuals to local businesses and brands through a proprietary ASP-based service known as Mobile Mantra Mobility Platform (MMMP). MMMP provides an easy-to-use tool that expedites permission-based, localized, and personalized approaches to engagement marketing. By targeting localized communities with relevant, time-sensitive, interactive web and mobile digital content, enterprises of all sizes can easily monetize and participate in new consumer purchasing trends.

Mobile Mantra allows retailers to maintain ongoing relationships with the mobile/off-site community, to build and maintain customer loyalty, and above all to increase in-store traffic by sending real-time interactive discounts and notifications. Mobile Mantra in turn, accommodates consumers with ready and relevant information about local businesses, allows them to provide feedback via Mobile Blogging and provides them with a range of on-demand discounts from their preferred local businesses to their mobile phones. Among other features, Mobile Mantra’s online platform allows consumers to schedule and broadcast personalized two-way Text and Multimedia messages to any mobile device.




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